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I want my dog benched next to my handler/friend – what do I do?

Click on the show you want to enter. On the first screen, underneath the owner’s details, fill in the boxes at the bottom, putting the title, initials and surname of the name you want it benching under.

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I need to amend a completed online entry. What do I do?

Email enquiries@fossedata.co.uk with the full details of the change along with your reference number found on your confirmation email.  You will receive an email back to give you details of what to do to pay the £5 charge.

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Do I need a separate account for each ownership?

Yes, you need a separate account for each ownership/partnership.

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How do I set up an account?

On the login screen, click ‘new user’ and follow the instructions on screen.

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When will I get my passes?

If the Society issues passes, they will be sent out approximately two weeks before the show.  At present all our passes are sent via the post.

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How do I update my address details?

Login to your account and click ‘My Details’ at the top of the screen.  Then click ‘Change’, change the details and click ‘Next’ to confirm.  This must be done before you enter a show otherwise your old address will be retained for the entry just made.

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I haven’t completed my entry and I want to take a dog out of a class. How do I do this?

Log back into your account and enter show.  Next to the dog, click ‘enter’ into a show, click ‘next’ past dog details and un-tick any classes you do not want to enter.

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I can’t login to my account. What is the problem?

There can be many reasons.  Usually the wrong password or ID, double check.  It is case sensitive.  If you still have problems, please email enquiries@fossedata.co.uk with your full postal address.

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I can’t remember my username or password

You can either email us on enquiries@fossedata.co.uk with your full address or phone us at the Office.

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Are passes emailed or posted?

For all Postal entries, passes are sent out via post to the exhibitor. For online Exhibitors, passes will be need to be downloaded for the shows that offer it. You will receive an email with details of how to download it. You will have to check the relevant show schedule for more information.

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I haven’t received my confirmation email from Fosse Data Systems?

Log into your account, click on  ‘My Completed Entries’ at the top, click ‘View Entry’ next to the name of the show, click ‘View Entry Form’ and then click ‘Email’.

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How do I add a dog to a completed entry?

Provided entries haven’t closed, log into your account, click ‘My Completed Entries’ and then click ‘View or Add to Entry’ and then complete the form the same as your original.

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I can’t find the show I want to enter in the list of available shows.

There are three possibilities.

  • The show may have closed;
  • The Society may not have online entry
  • Check you have not already entered it, by logging into your account and checking ‘My Completed Entries.’

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It is appearing as ‘no classes available to enter.’ What do I do?

Check all your dogs’ details, especially the date of birth.

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It’s charging me non-members rates and I am a member. What can I do?

You need to go back and click ‘Change Address Details’.  Tick ‘I am a Member’ then go to the declaration screen and refresh the page, then it should charge correctly.

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How do I know my payment has been taken?

Check you have received your Netbanx email and also click on ‘My Completed Entries’ and check entry has been completed.

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I have ordered a disabled car park online, do I need to send a copy of my badge to you?

Yes, it can be posted or attached to an email.

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The results are wrong in my breed. How can they be corrected?

You will need to email us at enquiries@fossedata.co.uk

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Can I change my username and password?

You cannot change the User Id once set up but the password can be changed by emailing simon.hough@fossedata.co.uk with your full account details and your new password.

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Where can I find the entry figures and order of judging for a show?

Where applicable these will be available under the Show Details of the show.  Not all Show’s provide this information.

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What age can I take a Not For Competition?

You can take a puppy from 4 months of age to a single breed or sub group.  But they must be 6 months or over to attend a general all breeds show.  Some societies do not accept NFC, so please check.

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Do you offer other printing services eg calendars, cards etc?

We offer lots of printing services. Please fill in an enquiry form for further details or call 01788 860960.

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Do you offer Prize Cards?

Yes, we do offer a range of prize cards from colour printing on white card to black printing on coloured card. They can be printed with different information such as date, name, judge etc.

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How do you deliver?

We deliver by TNT next day delivery between 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.  Collections are done by Interlink on the day requested between 9 -5 Monday to Friday.  If you would like Saturday delivery, it can be arranged at an extra charge.

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